Be Careful About Quality

When it comes to craftsmanship and building, there is always going to be some tension between cost and quality. There will be some areas where it is clear that quality needs to meet certain specifications. For instance, when it comes to actually building a structure, there are regulations in place in order to ensure that the structure can survive an earthquake or a storm, or that people are able to evacuate in case of a fire. In these cases, it is clear that you need to meet or exceed those requirements, or else there will be trouble.

However, things are less clear when it comes to items which are not as legally regulated, and which tend to affect aesthetics. In these cases, you will need to understand what is important to the customer, what the budget is, and other relevant factors. For example, if the customer places a high premium on the look of his windows, then you will probably want to get the best Venetian blinds that are within budget. However, if the customer is more preoccupied with her back yard garden, then you may have to spend more on that.

Workers and Their Business Cards

Workers and craftspeople need to take the time to make sure that they have good business cards. Times are changing and people are beginning to expect good design in the different things that they come across. There’s good design in the apps that people have in their mobile phones. There’s also good design in the websites that people view. So when people come across something with poorly thought out design, especially when it is glaring or obvious, they will tend to react negatively.

These same criteria are used to judge the business cards people receive. If your business card is too raw or not designed with good aesthetics, then people might not respond well to your card. To make things worse, they might develop a poor impression of your services, based on the look of your card. So give it the importance it deserves. Consider availing of the services of a firm like in order to make sure that your card looks good and stands out in a helpful way.

Workers and Jewelry

On the one hand, it makes sense for workers involved in construction to avoid wearing jewelry. If it’s too loose, it might snag or get caught on something. And that could end up resulting in the loss of balance or injury. At the same time, there’s the worry that the piece might get damaged at the construction site. Some debris could land on your wristwatch, for example. Or if a necklace gets caught on something, it could get torn off or damaged. So it’s understandable that many workers go without jewelry while on the site.

However, jewelry can be an important way of making sure that your personality stands out, even at work. So some kinds of jewelry can work out just fine. One worker could wear earrings that don’t run the risk of catching onto anything. Another worker could wear a bracelet that’s close enough to the arm, so that it doesn’t get in the way. There’s no major interference with the job, but they still get to wear something that they value.

Workers and a Relevant Website

The internet is a very useful tool, including for dealing with reconstruction efforts. The important thing is figuring out how best to harness it. After all, there is no operating manual for the internet. Instead, one way to proceed is to take a look at what has been tried elsewhere, and check if that kind of use is applicable to you. For example, when it comes to reconstruction efforts, the internet can be used to make planning, collaboration and coordination among workers more effective and more efficient.

It may help to bring in assistance in the form of a web design firm such as Artizen web designers, and the like. One central hub in the form of a website can be created, which can be updated with the various reconstruction needs, as well as the work force and capacity available. This data can be set up so that it can be updated on a regular basis. This way, a simple and quick check of the website allows people and groups to better determine where additional work needs to be done, and where to allocate existing professionals.

Metaphors and Supplements

I was thinking a bit about the reconstruction process and how it works, when I thought to myself that there are quite a number of metaphors that can help to explain some aspects of it. The first one that came to mind was the idea of someone who was trying to improve his body, after years of neglect. The person begins to turn things around by changing the food that he has for meals. He begins to choose things which are more nutritious, for instance. And then, he supports this effort by also increasing his activity and exercise. Maybe he starts to walk regularly, and take the stairs instead of the elevator. But then maybe that doesn’t seem to be helping much either, so he turns to a supplement such as garcinia cambogia or something similar.

It’s a bit like the reconstruction effort. You can keep on bringing in new organizations and new people to try to assist the local population, in order to help return things to a more normal situation. The situation is complex so it continues to require new ways of helping and new ways of contributing to existing efforts.

Construction and Storage Needs

A lot of people find that, when they decide to help with reconstruction, there are a lot of logistical details that need to get ironed out. After all, you can’t just assume that the equipment and materials that you need will be available at your destination. If a particular city or town is hit hard by a natural disaster, there’s the possibility that equipment and raw materials will be in short supply. In fact, a lot of the basics that people take for granted might not be that available. So what’s a person to do?

Well, it would be a good idea to bring some of your own equipment, if possible. That way, you’re contributing to the overall capacity for reconstruction in the area. You won’t just be waiting for equipment to become available, since you have your own. When it comes to storing equipment and raw materials, you can look at something like or at least something similar. It’ll allow you to have an additional space to keep your things, and yet it’s still a flexible solution.

Construction and Social Needs

If you’re involved in reconstruction work, you’ll find that the daily grind can end up rather tiring, and even lonely. You might be located somewhere far from where you normally live. You’re away from your social circles, or at least from family members, relatives, neighbors and the like. In a way, you find yourself uprooted from the familiar, and then placed in a very unfamiliar situation. So it can be rather disconcerting. Of course, you’re part of a larger effort to make things better in a particular place, so that offers its own amount of fulfillment. But at the same time, as the weeks and months pass, you might find that fulfillment can only get you so far.

Thankfully, it’s possible to reconnect and find new social connections, in different ways nowadays. Even for those people who don’t get to go out much, you can find some social satisfaction online. So you can reconnect with family members and relatives on social media. And you can find new connections and relationships on sites such as and the like.

It’s in the Details

If you’re a tradesman or tradeswoman, one of the things that’s important to keep in mind is that the work that gets done needs to be very good, up to and including the details. In fact, sometimes, it’s the details that are going to set you apart from the competition. Here’s one example. You have two plumbers. They both have similar levels of knowledge. They both know how to spot what is wrong, and are both able to fix the problem within similar amounts of time. They’re both pleasant enough people and are able to develop rapport with the client. But one of them does a better job of cleaning the work space after he is done working, and he makes sure to return the place to how it was before. That person has a competitive advantage.

Or consider the example of an Auckland cake shop. If you have a shop that is able to prepare delicious cakes that look good, you’re already most of the way there. But if the cakes that they prepare have exquisite details, so that the closer you look at it, the more impressed you are, then that cake shop will generally get some really good word of mouth.

Looking For That Big Client? Travel A Little!

When your job makes a lot of money, but makes it not very often, you tend to do what you can to get that big deal. Maybe you have no work for a while, and then you have to work like crazy for a big client, and the busy times pay so well you have enough money to last you for while its quiet.

If this sounds like you, perhaps its better not to limit yourself just to your own town. If a client is paying you a seriously good amount of money for a job, it may be worth jumping in your car and driving for a few hours to work and back, even if you have to stay in a motel overnight. So make sure you find a good place to stay, there are some nice motel suites in Taupo that I certainly recommend.

Think of it not as a big sacrifice to travel, but a necessity. It is better to have a little working holiday to another town, than to not get paid for another few weeks, is it not? So look on the bright side, grit your teeth, and try to enjoy yourself. Its a good excuse to get out and about and see the country a little.

Finding Quality Wet Weather Gear

As tradies, the reality is that sometimes we have to work outside in what aren’t always the best conditions. This experience is a lot more bearable if you have good wet weather gear. Recently I discovered my new favourite source for outdoor clothing in NZ - it’s a daily deal site called, and it works the same way as sites like Groupon or Grabone, except that it sells products specifically to farmers and tradesmen.

The thing I like about it in particular is the easy online ordering system, and the fact that they have some great brands in stock at very affordable prices.

Tradesman? Time To Get Online

Ten years ago when I needed a plumber, electrician, gasfitter etc I would open up my Yellow Pages phonebook and call someone from my landline. Nowadays I jump on my laptop and search that way, and thats fairly old-fashioned: now more and more people would just look for one on their smart phone.

If you’re not online, you’re going to get left behind.

Its not hard. Whether its finding a domain that fits your brand name, connecting it to some hosting, installing WordPress – you can find all the how-to videos you need for free on Youtube, no problem. The important thing is backing up to a USB drive to prevent all your hours of wasted work! Computers have a strange knack for freezing and forgetting all your work ten minutes before you finish, so make sure you are prepared for that.

Always backup your files

Always backup your files


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